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Obstruction Light Kit for Wind Turbine Tower

Model No. : ATV-WT-01
(Suitable for 100 meter Wind Turbine Tower)

Avaids ATV-WT-01 system is a combination of Low & Medium intensity obstruction lights and it is suitable for 100 Meter Wind Turbine Tower. Medium Intensity Aviation Obstruction Warning Light with Surge Box shall be mount at top of the wind turbines, Low Intensity AWL shall be mount at the 50 Meter height of Tower. .

  • Features
  • Low & Medium intensity lights are as per ICAO and FAA standard.
  • Surge Protection from external atmospheric conditions.
  • Omni-directional LED Aviation Warning Light, Conforms to ICAO Annexure-14, chapter 6.
  • Environment Protection : IP 65 (For Light); IP 55 (Control Box).
  • All parts are corrosion-resistant.
  • The fixture is moisture proof.
  • Input voltage of range 85-255V AC, 50-60 Hz can be fed to the control panel.
  • Light will operate only in night. A photo sensor is installed with the system which senses ambient natural light intensity and allows the power to activate the circuitry housed in the control panel, which in turn switches ON the AOL, when the natural light intensity falls below a certain predefined threshold level during dusk to dawn or due to local climatic conditions.
  • Potential free contact will be available as long as all the LED (100%) of service lamp is glowing.
  • Operating temperature : -22° C to +55° C.
  • System (ATV-WT-01) Contents per Set
  • 01 Number of Medium Intensity Aviation Obstruction Warning Light; Model: TASS-MI-XLL-1 Duplex Type ”B”.
  • 03 Number of Low Intensity Aviation Obstruction warning Light
  • Flash Head Control Unit With 04 Hours battery Backup
  • 01 No. of Surge Box for MI Light
  • 03 No. of Surge Box for LI Light
  • 01 No. of Photocell Head Unit.
  • MI & LI Light Mounting Structure.

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