Medium Intensity Obstruction Warning Light

TASS-MI-XLL-1 (Duplex)
  • Key Features

Medium-intensity obstacle lights may be used where the object is an extensive one or its height above the level of the surrounding ground is greater than 45 m.

  • ICAO (Type B/C, annexure 14) compliant product design and performance.
  • Multidirectional medium intensity aviation RED light source hence no requirement of filters that fade quickly.
  • Service and Standby facility with Automatic change over in case service failure.
  • Remote failure monitoring for LED failure.
  • Extremely Energy efficient system (consumes less power than conventional light warning system)
  • Each LED has been provided with bypass circuit to avoid total blackout of a string in case of failure of a single LED.
  • Customized constant current drivers incorporated for regulating heat generated by LED's
  • Photo-sensor enabled uninterrupted operability.
  • Best quality copper earthing connections for prompt and efficient lightening protection.
  • Customizable for both AC and DC environments.
  • Multiple light elements in the source reduce complete blackout possibility due to a single source failure.
  • High quality secondary optics for excellent beam spread control on the horizontal axis and to prevent dispersion vertically.
  • Light weight sturdy casing (of high quality aluminium alloy with protective coating).
  • All hardware cast in corrosion resistant metal alloys.
  • Excellent dust and moisture sealing through EPDM.
  • Wide operating temperature range (-20 °C to +55 °C)
  • Flasher Controller in separate weather-proof enclosure.
  • Applications
  • High-rise buildings
  • Power and Telecom Transmission Towers
  • Monitoring and Control Options
  • GPS flash synchronization available
Technical Details
Catalogue No.
Colour Of Light Emitted
Lamp Type
Optical Lens Material
Environment Protection Class
Photocontroller Built-in Type
Radiated Emission As Per CISPR 11
Light Intensity
For Light
For Control Gear
TASS-MI-XLL-1 (Duplex)
Type B/C
LED Cluster
Borosilicate Glass
10.8 kg Approx.
IP 65
IP 65
2000 cd ±25%
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