High Intensity Obstruction Marking Lights

  • Key Features
  • Technovators high intensity warning lights are high efficiency strobe discharge lights, designed for minimal ground scatter, used for marking of Aviation Obstructions like communication towers, broadcast towers, chimneys, bridges and tall buildings.
  • Compliant to ICAO, Annexure-14, Chapter-6, Type “A” High Intensity Aviation Obstruction Warning Light.
  • Compliant to FAA type L-856.
  • Comprises of
    • High Intensity Light
    • Current Driver Box
    • Control Unit
  • Uni-directional white flashing light designed to provide > 120º horizontal with narrow vertical beam pattern.
  • Automatic selection of Day / Twilight / Night mode light intensity adjustment.
  • Light enclosure made of high grade Aluminium casting and all control enclosures in stainless steel grade 304.
  • Flash synchronization upto 24 Flash heads available for one single structure.
  • Advaced communication facilities for multiple light systems available.
  • Remote fault monitoring of individual light available.
  • High Power solid state lamp sourced from world’s best source with expected life of > 50,000 burning hours.
  • Borosilicate glass (PYREX) light cover is impact resistant and does not deteriorate with time.
  • Best quality copper earthing connections for prompt and efficient lightening protection.
  • All LED’s are backed up with protection circuits and designed to glow independently, thus preventing total blackout.
  • High quality reflectors are used for efficient beam control.
  • Excellent dust and moisture sealing through EPDM gaskets.
  • Bird spikes for protection against droppings.
  • Wide operating temperatures range (-20̊̊˚ C to +55̊̊˚ C).
  • Operating Voltages : 100 - 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
  • Applications
  • High-rise buildings, Power and Telecom Transmission Towers
  • High-rise Pylons and Chimneys
  • Monitoring and Control Options
  • GSM monitoring available
  • GPS flash synchronization available
Technical Details
Catalogue No.
Colour Of Light Emitted
Lamp Type
Optical Lens Material
Environment Protection Class
Photocontroller Built-in Type
Radiated Emission As Per CISPR 11
Type of Control Gear
For Light
For Control Gear
Type A
LED Crusher
Borosilicate Glass
33.4 kg Approx.
IP 65
IP 65
Voltage Regulator cum Flasher
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