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Low Intensity Neon Obstruction Warning Light

We offer a range of highly energy efficient Neon Obstruction Lights to mark high rise buildings, bridges, towers etc. The light uses cold cathode to produce low intensity incandescent light. These lights are low in maintenance and are best suited for high vibration area.

  • Overview

The rapid growth of the cellular phone industry and other communication services will lead up to millions of new communication towers all over the Globe. These towers present hazards to flight paths of aircrafts, so these towers should be marked with obstruction lights to make sky safer to fly. "Technovators" Tower Marking Low Intensity Obstruction Lights are compact, sturdy, power saving LED low intensity lights, available with optional advanced features

The Neon spiral lamp is operated through electronic power supply which is housed inside the metallic enclosure of the light. Specially designed copper R.F. Screen is provided to shield the lamp against emission of R.F. Two lamps can be individually connected through the failure sensing changeover card located in the control cabinet. The changeover of power from service lamp to standby lamp takes place automatically, in the event of failure of service lamp.

  • ICAO (Type A & B) compliant product design and performance
  • Omni directional RED Neon light source (10 cd - 32 cd)) hence no requirement of filters that fade quickly
  • Customizable for both AC and DC conditions
  • High quality optics for excellent beam spread control.
  • Light weight sturdy casings (of high quality die-cast aluminum)
  • All hardware of Tower marker obstruction lights are made of corrosion resistant metals
Excellent dust and moisture sealing through improved gaskets Features:
  • CAO (Low Intensity Type 'A' & 'B' compliant product design and performance.
  • Omni-directional RED light source hence no requirement of filters.
  • Borosilicate glass dome.
  • Aluminium Alloy housing.
  • Excellent dust and moisture sealing.
  • Wide operating temperature range (-20 ºC to +55 ºC)
  • Technical Specifications
Operating Conditions
  • Will withstand wind in excess of 150 mph (240 kph), (150 knots)
  • Fog, Rain
  • Humidity :90%
  • Electromagnetic Interference Shielded
  • Radio Frequency Interference Shielded
Photometric Data
Night Mode
Horizontal Coverage
360 °
Flash Rate
Stationery Mode
Electrical Specifications
Input Supply
System Operating on DC Volts
Current (Amp)
12V DC
1800 V
230V AC
1800 V
12V DC
Light Characteristics
Type "A"
Light Source
Neon Lamp
Light Color
10 to 32 cd
Horizontal Divergence
360 °
Lamp Life
20,000 hrs approx.
Radial Emission
As per CISPR 11
Lens Material
Borosilicate Glass
Silicon Sealant
1.250 Kg Approx.
Environmental and Electrical
Temperature Range
- 40 ° C to + 50 ° C
Through EPDM Gasket and Sealant
Environment Protection Standard for Light
IP 65 Standard
Environment Protection Standard for Control Panel
IP 55 Standard
  • Shipping Specifications
Shipping details for solar powered obstruction lights
Carton No. Carton Description Net Weight (KG) Gross Weight (KG) Dimn. Vol. CBM
1 Neon Lamp
2 Solar Module 8 12 755 x 645 x 190 0.092
3 Battery with Charge Controller 50 65
4 Mounting 32 38
5 Cable 4 5
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