Low Intensity Twin Obstruction Warning Light

Model No. : TASS-LI-TWIN

Our Low Intensity Twin Light is designed for the safety of aviation by marking high rise structures and buildings. The multiple lights serve as a reliable warning system by reducing the possibility of complete blackout, due to the failure of one source.

  • Overview

The rapid growth of the cellular phone industry and other communication services will lead up to millions of new communication towers all over the Globe. These towers present hazards to flight paths of aircrafts, so these towers should be marked with obstruction lights to make sky safer to fly. "Technovators" Tower Marking Low Intensity Obstruction Lights are compact, sturdy, power saving Solid State Lamp low intensity lights, available with optional advanced features

  • ICAO (Type A & B) compliant product design and performace
  • Omnidirectional RED light source (10 cd - 32 cd)) hence no requirement of filters that fade quickly
  • Customizable for both AC and DC conditions
  • Multiple light elements in the source reduce complete blackout possibility due to a single source failure
  • High quality optics for excellent beam spread control.
  • Light weight sturdy casings (of high quality pressed FRP)
  • All hardware of Tower marker obstruction lights are made of corrosion resistant metals.
  • Excellent dust and moisture sealing through improved gaskets
  • Bird spikes for protection against droppings

Low Intensity Twin Obstruction Warning Light - Mounting Drawing

It combines the most modern concept of surface mounted solid state lamps technology (High Powered Lighting Diodes) which are sourced from the most reputed sources.

The high power, high flux solid state lamps give an exceptionally long life. They consume very less energy and are thus ideally suited for Solar Powered Applications.

The LED Aviation warning lights are mounted on very durable Epoxy masked PCB's which enables easy replacement in case of failure.

Efficient secondary optics is induced to generate Lens effect for proper light beam in horizontal plane & arrest unnecessary light dispersion in vertical plane as required by the light specifications.

The Warning Lights are arranged in Series and Parallels with independent lamp strings, which eliminates total blackout, in the event of an unlikely circuit failure.

The Warning Light is protected from ingress of Dust & Moisture. Bird spike is provided at the top to protect the lights from bird droppings.

  • Technical Specifications
Operating Conditions
  • Temperatures ranging from (-20°C to +55°C).
  • Will withstand wind in excess of 150 mph (240 kph), (150 knots)
  • Fog, Rain
  • Humidity : 95%
  • Does not create Electromagnetic Interference
  • Does not create Radio Frequency Interference
Photometric Data
Night Mode
Vertical Beam Spread
> 10 °
Horizontal Coverage
360 °
"Ground Scatter Light" cut-off angle
-5 °
Technical Details
Catalogue No.
Colour Of Light Emitted
Lamp Type
Optical Lens Material
Environment Protection Class
Photocontroller Built-in Type
Radiated Emission As Per CISPR 11
Light Intensity
For Light
For Control Gear
Type A/B
LED Crusher
Polished Acrylic
2.00 kg Approx.
IP 65
IP 65
> 32 cd
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