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Obstruction Light Kit for Telecom Tower

Model No. : ATV-TE-01
(Suitable for 120 meter High Telecom tower)

Avaids ATV-TE-01 system is a combination of Low & Medium intensity obstruction lights and it is suitable for 120 Meter Telecom Tower. Medium Intensity AWL could be placed at top of the tower. Medium Intensity Operates in night mode only & provides multidirectional ‘Red’ flashing light with intensity of >2000cd ± 25%. Conforms to ICAO annexure - 14 and FAA type L – 856 specifications.

  • Features
  • One Medium & four Low intensity Aviation Warning Lamps are controlled by a single common control panel unit. 230V AC supply is given to the PCB card (inbuilt in control panel unit) that operate lights with surge protection & gives the potential free contacts for MI light & LI lights at any fault occurrence.
  • A photo sensor is installed with the system which senses ambient natural light intensity and gives the varied analog voltage to PCB card, which in turn switches ON the AWL, when the natural light intensity falls below a certain predefined level during dusk to dawn or due to local climatic conditions.
  • A photocell bypass switch will be provided on the control panel for the purpose of testing the lamps during day time and also enable to temporarily Bypass a defective photo-cell.
  • LED Indication provided on PCB which shows whether the working lamp is OK or not.
  • Potential free contacts for mains power failure for each lamp.
  • System (ATV- TE-01) Contents per Set
  • 1 Nos. Medium Intensity Aviation Obstruction Light; Model: TASS-MI-XLL-1
  • 4 Nos. Low Intensity Aviation Obstruction Light; Model: TASS-LI-INTG-1
  • Control Panel Unit

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