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Obstruction Light Kit for Power Transmission Tower

Model No. : ATV-TL-01
(Suitable for 45 meter High Power Transmission Tower

The whole system is designed for 45 Mtr. Tower. The system consists of 1 Low Intensity to be installed at the top of the tower. Avaids Make Low intensity type ‘B’ Aviation warning Light as per ICAO annexure - 14 and FAA type L – 856 specifications. Operates in night mode only & provides Omni directional ‘Red’ fixed light with intensity of > 10Cd, Beam Divergence: Horizontal 360˚ with Vertical 10˚.

  • Features
  • The system consists of 1 Low Intensity to be installed at the top of the tower. Similarly, solar module and battery has to be installed as nearer to the light as possible
  • A photovoltaic module is installed with the system which not only charges the battery but also senses ambient natural light intensity and allows the system to turn ON the AOL, when the natural light intensity falls below a certain predefined threshold level during dusk to dawn or due to local climatic conditions.
  • LVD: - Low voltage disconnect of load (at which charger will disconnect load) – 10.5V
  • LVD : reconnect voltage (at which voltage load will reconnect) – 12.8 V
  • HVD: - High voltage disconnect (at which Solar charger will disconnect charging) – 15.2V
  • VRLA batteries have to be charged only in constant potential, current limiting mode. Charging current to be limited to 10-20% of Ah capacity of battery. Recharging to be done immediately after discharging, less or late charging of batteries may less the life of battery.
  • Dusk to Dawn operation would be done by Photovoltaic module.
  • Contents
  • Low Intensity AWL(TASS-LI-INTG-1) - 1 no.
  • Battery with battery Box Cum control Panel: - 1 Nos.
  • Solar Module - 1 nos.

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