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Medium Intensity Obstacle Lights

Medium intensity obstacle lights should be used where an early caution of danger is mandatory or the object is extensive or its elevation above the surrounding ground is greater than 45m. When Medium intensity obstacle lights are used it is usually not required to use colour markings for an object.

Avaids Technovators manufactures following models of medium intensity obstruction lights –

  • Medium Intensity Obstruction Lights

MI Obstruction Warning Light Medium intensity red obstruction lights are used in places where the structure is more than 45 meters high, above the ground level. With a life span of 50,000...More

MI Twin Obstruction Warning Light The major advantage of having a twin red obstruction warning light is that is that when the lowermost lights fail, the lighting switches onto its standby lighting ... More

MI White flashing Obstruction Warning Light Medium intensity xenon lights are used mainly during night marking. The xenon lights are credibly known for their gift to infiltrate poor visibility and foggy... More

MI Red & White Flashing Obstruction Warning Light are used for the marking of structures and buildings for Day as Well as Night Marking. These lights can be operated through a reliable Switch Mode Power Supply, with in-built photo-sensing device..More

Solar Powered MI Obstruction Warning Light Avaids Technovators’s solar-powered obstruction lights are used for multiple purposes. These lights can be used for high rise buildings, chimneys, transmission lines, telecommunication towers... More

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